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We are a full service facility providing the finest professional health care for your pet. Our caring staff offers you and your pet(s) prompt, courteous, and compassionate service, our wide range of services include: Physical Examinations by our experienced Veterinarians, Vaccinations, Pet dental care, State of the art Medical and Surgical Procedures and Techniques, 24 hour emergency services, In-house X-Ray, In-house Blood Analysis diagnostics for fast, reliable results and treatments, Compassionate Animal Euthanizations, Animal cremation or burial is also available, Nutritional Consultation,Boarding, Prescriptions Diets, Companion Laser Therapy, and a vast companion animal and livestock care inventory to keep everyone happy and healthy.

ForEver Lawn is specifically designed for dogs and has antimicrobial technology manufactured into each blade for prevention of disease. Your pet's health and safety is our top priority

Current Newsletter

In the last 2 years we have had several rabies positive horse cases, positive dog cases, and many positive skunks. This year already, we have seen an increase in cases and are receiving calls everyday regarding potentially rabid wildlife. If your pet has come in contact with a rabid animal and is not current on rabies vaccine, it is recommended that your pet be euthanized due to the human danger. Please visit with your children about staying away from wildlife, especially if the animals are out wandering around during the daylight hours which is not typical behavior for most wildlife. *Please make sure your dogs, cats, & horses are current with their vaccines* Butler Vet Clinic has several exciting things going on right now! We recommend that all dogs be on preventative during the warm months while mosquitoes are out. Fleas and ticks are already out and about and as the weather warms up they will be in full force. Protect your pets from these pests. Prices on Frontline are the same as last year with the buy 3 and get the 4th dose free or buy 6 doses and get 2 doses free. Offer still valid if you've made a purchase as early as March.


Dr. Janet Wood will also be continuing her puppy socialization & obedience classes here at the clinic. If you are interested, please leave your name and phone number at our receptionist desk. If you have specific animal behavior questions or would like training guidance, feel free to call Butler Vet Clinic's Staff anytime. We have several handouts and literature on crate training, and how to deal with inappropriate behaviors. You can also access Pet Training information on our website at www.butlervetclinic.com

Enter your E-mail address in our drawings for free Frontline, discounts on pet products and many other prizes!! Giving us your email address will also help us in reminding you of when your pets or horses are due for vaccines, and heartworm tests, as well as sending your pets a birthday card!

Butler Vet Clinic is now offering a Pet Portal, where you can access your pet's information online at your own leisure. You can check their vaccine history and refill their current prescriptions all with the click of your mouse! And if you decide you would like your email removed at any time, for any reason just give us a call.

Hill's Science Diet pet food has a new 'Metabolic Diet' that helps pets lose weight. If you have been having difficulty in getting your pet to lose weight, give us a call! The new 'Metabolic Diet' was successful in test studies by getting over 80% of the dogs to lose weight.

Summer vacation time is here and we are ready to take care of your special family members. We now have new glass doored kennels and have added the forever lawn for your pets enjoyment. Come in and check out our new pet boarding area or check out the updates on our website.

Ready for AI season? Dry conditions have made it hard to plan on replacement heifers development this year, but it's still not too late to get your heifers synchronized and bred. Call and visit with Dr. Stephen Schumacher to review protocols, sires and timing.

Did you know? Guinea pigs, like humans and monkeys, require supplemental Vitamin C in their diets.